Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Send me an email describing your project and I will send you a quote or a price sheet.

Can you help me with something not listed?

Absolutely! Send me an email describing your vision.

Can you host my website?

Web hosting is a feature of Blonddragon Productions.

Can you create a website for me?

I work with Blonddragon Productions to build and maintain websites.

I want to blog, can you help me get started?

Yes of course. I team up with Blonddragon Productions to offer partial or full service web design & hosting.

I need to develop branding for my company/product line. Can you help me?

Definitely! Send me an email and we can chat about your vision.

I need someone to write some press releases, can you help me?

Yes indeed! I have many years experience in communications & Public Relations. Send me an email with the parameters of your project.

Do you provide website auditing?

Working with Blonddragon Productions our team will audit your website and provide you with our findings including recommended updates.

How will I receive your work since you are in a different state/location than me?

Almost everything can be sent over the internet these days, via Dropbox or through the Cloud. There’s even old fashioned snail mail, depending upon the project.

I need ongoing support, do you provide that?

If you need long term support, I will work with the team at Blonddragon Productions to ensure all of your online needs are met.

FAQ didn’t solve your problem?

Contact me.